Hunting trips to Serbia

The large stags can be found in Serbia!

Do you have room for a really huge stag trophy on your wall? If the answer is “yes”, then you should consider the little known – but absolutely first class – hunting destination of Serbia as the venue for your next stag hunt.

We have come to a favourable agreement with a number of the best state hunting districts in northern Serbia, where you can hunt stags in the trophy classes of 6 – 12kg, an average weight of around 8 – 9kg is not unusual.
As a guest you will experience hunting on some of President Tito’s favourite districts and
in many of these places the accommodation and meals are still of a standard that was once only reserved for the elite of the eastern-block’s communist regimes!
Please also note that you can agree the size of your trophy in advance, after which it is the hunting guide’s responsibility to ensure the stag shown to you lies within +/- 10% of the agreed weight – a good safeguard against going over your budget!