Who are we?

Your  partner, expert and holiday-consult agency for the next booking
of your dreamholiday, businesstrip or honeymoon.

Our specialties

Sportholiday, cruises, unique locations, tailor-made,
Emirates, Vietnam & USA.

America Expert

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Opening hours

7/7 because Independent Travel finds it self-evident that you can count on us when YOU need us.

Plan an appointment with us via this number: +32 (0) 478 455975 or e-mail to:

Looking forward to meet you soon!


Point of view

A trip is dependently composed of several criteria, as if an architect draws a house from a white page, taking into consideration several wishes and budget.

We work the same way: the more information we get, the more we can filter & focus on our specialty: apply our knowledge into your dreamtrip. Therefore our price offer is mostly only a part of a thousand possibilities and adjustments happen according criteria, wishes & budget!

We do not focus on one specific group of clients, or do we..?.. the interested traveler,

 … but not budget-wise, as our clients go from students to politicians & VIPs…

… but not interesting-wise, because we also have classic roundtrips to adventurous roundtrips or even very specialized roundtrips for ornithologists,  biologists or other passionate travelers…

 … but not company-wise and/or limitations, because we also organize trips from singles to companies travelling with 400 passengers, but also families with small children, or wheelchairs…

It goes without saying that the price is always one of the most important factors but we endeavor all price-categories
to get a perfect balance between price & quality, but firstly we aim for safety!
Our experience tells us that we are part of the cheaper distributors on the Belgian market
IF the same qualityservices and hotel(rooms) are offered!

That’s why… not a question or information is too much for us,
and it is our passion working together with you, to reach your ideal trip and price!

Even after confirmation and during your trip, we remain at your service.

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